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The Current Favourites: Part two

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Like my last current favourites, this has no coloration to the end of the month like most consistent bloggers manage. But when three items are in constant use it just seems mean not to give them the mention they deserve. 

You can't pretend you've not heard me mention The Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Palette at some point on this blog. Eight powders, baked highlighters and a mirror included (Other brands take note.) are just three of the reasons why I have been using this daily. And I am going to throw another big claim out there and say these are some of the best quality i.e. not powdery Makeup Revolution product I've tried.

Normally more of a Palmers Cocoa Butter type of girl, but The Neal's Yard Remedies Bee Lovely Body Butter has taken over. Whether is the cute name, honey and orange essential oil or this just being utterly creamy has seen me shift the Palmers to living safely in my cupboard. Now this is rare, not often do I find anything to moisture my body that isn't greasy, heavy or basically just effort to use. But Neals Yard Remedies have only gone and done it, who would of thought I'd be using bees to leave my skin soft?

Well of course there would be a mascara, and in the form of Benefit Cosmetics They're Real Mascara in BROWN. Capitals for a reason. a rich chocolate brown with a warm undertone. Really build the volume up without it looking clumpy and spidery. There are also bristles on the end of the wand, and I find this helps to 'hook' any annoying lashes. Its easy to coat both the inner and outer lashes, without causing a mess, or more importantly not poking my eye out.

What are some of your current favourites?

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