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New Beauty Products and Spring Wish List

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So, even though I prefer winter (jumpers, jean & red lips) one good thing about Spring is all the new beauty products that are released. And this year is no expectation, and I think blogging has opened up my eyes to new makeup items I would of never normally looked at. Here is my run down of the latest beauty products I need to try.

L'Oreal Elvive Fibrology Thickening Shampoo | I've seen this on the shelves in Boots for a few weeks now but haven't succumb. The claim? To expand your hair fibers for thicker, bigger, sexier hair. How can you not want this in your bathroom?

No7 Instant Radiance Highlighter | I know. I know what I always say about No7 makeup, and it is never anything good. But I just can't resist the sound of their new Instant Radiance Highlighter, this is meant to create an instant radiant glow with a subtle shimmering finish. Hopefully this will be the No7 product to prove me wrong.

Lancôme Miracle Air de Teint | Apart from their mascara, I've not tried too much from Lancôme. Oh and of course their Juicy Tubes when I was about 13! But the Miracle Air de Teint provides a nude, radiant complexion with a weightless, invisible formula. Everyone needs a lighter summer foundation right?

Urban Decay Naked Flushed | You must be living under a pretty big rock if you've not heard of the Naked Eyeshadow palettes. So their new face palette is very much welcome. Naked Flushed contains a bronzer, highlighter, and blush all in one place. Lets hope it can live up to its palette reputation.

Bobbi Brown’s Art Stick | Again, another brand I've not tried too much from. To be honest, I find Bobbi Brown a bit mediocre, and much prefer their sister brand MAC. And I'm sure I'm not alone there. But this stick is a two-in-one lipstick and lip liner, plus with matte finish. I just so easily swayed when products claim to do more than one thing....

Have you tried any of the items from my New Beauty Products and Spring Wish List?

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Weekly Wax: Yankee Candle Black Coconut

 Yankee Candle Black Coconut Review
 Yankee Candle Black Coconut
Now, this was one Yankee Candle I wasn't actually drawn to, as I was being shallow and just didn't like the colour. But, then I smelt it. So, this week to add my collection I have the Yankee Candle in Black Coconut.

I have always loved Coconut as a scent, coming a close second behind my beloved Vanilla, so I was surprised I let the colour distract me so much, and I just thought it would smell like it looks. Yes I know I am strange. But when I got this home and lighted up I don't think I have ever fallen in love so quickly. Straight away you get a hit of coconut, but not your usual sweet coconut smell, this is more a deeper and purer smelling coconut. Just like you have stuck your nose into a coconut. If you have ever done that of course. 

Black Coconut does also have hints of cedarwood so that may explain the deep yet light scent of this Yankee Candle. I do think this has the potential to become my favourite Yankee Candle...

Yankee Candle Black Coconut £1.80

Have you tried the Yankee Candle in Black Coconut? 

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Makeup Wishlist - Bloggers Recommendations

I think we all agree one of the best parts of having a beauty blog is reading and interacting with other bloggers. And while I wouldn't change that for the world, since I have started blogging my wishlists have gone sky high. If I'm not finding new makeup items,  I am changing my mind over the items I swore I didn't want. So I have compiled my wishlist for this month after I did some serious blog stalking....

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in No.6 Pink in Devotion | No explanation needed for YSL really. And thanks to Hannah at HB Beauty I am dying to try this in Pink in Devotion. 

The Comforter Bubble Bar from Lush | Like the lovely Chloe from Clo's Beauty Spot, I'm not much of a bath girl, showers win everytime. But this Bubble Bar is pink. So yes, I need it.

Revlon Colour Stay Eyeshadows | I know these have been around for a while, but not being huge on Revlon I have sidelined them, but after seeing Jordan from Jordan's Beautiful Life review this in the Daily Mirror this week I so want to add them to my collection. 

MAC Heroine Lipstick | What is a wishlist without a MAC lipstick? Nothing in my opinion. And I have fallen in love with Heroine after seeing it on Beth from Beth Worrall this week. I know this will never suit me, but that won't stop me heading to MAC to try.

Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel Sheer Illuminating Fluid | Wow, I do think this wishlist is going to hurt my purse, but after seeing this on Joanna from Joanna Loves blog, I feel this could quite easily replace my Bourjois copy.

What is on your makeup wishlist this month?

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5 Disappointing Makeup Products

No7 Stay Precise Felt Tip Eyeliner, Review Beauty UK Gel FX Polish Review, Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Review, Seventeen Miracle Matte Foundation Review, Bad Makeup, Bad Makeup Products, 
I wasn't really sure if to do a post like this, as I rarely buy products I don't like as I am one geek of a makeup researcher to ensure that doesn't happen. But sometimes, there have been a few items that just didn't live up to the hype or my expectations. At all. This doesn't mean they are awful products by any means, but it's just that they were, well, disappointing. This isn't in an order either, that would just be a tad mean.

No7 Stay Precise Felt Tip Eyeliner | To be honest, I shouldn't of expected to like this No7 eyeliner, as there is not one No7 makeup item I do like. But the lure of those money off vouchers was just too much. And and as a result, I got a eyeliner that didn't last, and hurt to apply.

Beauty UK Gel FX Polish | To be fair, I did actually like this at first. But it was when I realised how easily it chipped, and it wasn't as thick as I first thought, and expected from a gel formula. I then went on to receive a gorgeous deep red Chanel nail polish from the Secret Santa, and boy did I see a difference.

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation | A weird one, as I do love the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Stick. But the this foundation just doesn't blend at all, and has way too many orange tones for anyone to handle. Even Oompa-Loompas would struggle.

Seventeen Miracle Matte Foundation | Again, another foundation. And I do really like Seventeen Makeup on the whole, and weirdly it isn't the 'matte' finish that I dislike. This is another one that doesn't blend it and just ends up getting brushed around my face, leaving me with a stripy orange face. Sexy, no?

Maybelline Cat Eyes Mascara | I feel this one may be controversial as I am very much aware how much people seem to love this mascara. But for me, it was so bad I couldn't even be bothered with a review. Cat Eyes? No, all I got was wet, clumpy lashes with zero volume or length. Oh, and not to mention a hideous bright yellow tube to add to my dressing table...

Have you tried any of my disappointing makeup products?



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Weekly Wax: Pecksniff's Cherry and Vanilla Candle

Pecksniff Cherry Flower and Tahitian Vanilla Review
Pecksniff Cherry Flower and Tahitian Vanilla CandlePecksniff Cherry and Vanilla Candle

Yes, this is another TK Maxx find with the Pecksniff's Cherry Flower and Tahitian Vanilla Candle, well Home Sense I think, but same company and all that. As I mentioned in my last Weekly Wax post, I have tried a different scent this week to my usual cookie/sugar/super vanilla scents. Admittedly, this does have vanilla in, but it's hardly promitment.

Pecksniff's is one of those brands I can never justify purchasing in normal circumstances, but obviously I am swayed in Home Sense/TK Maxx as they just seem so cheap. This is a 'Limited Edition', but it isn't listed on the Pecksniff's website, so I am guessing it was specially made for TK Maxx and they just said that it was 'Limited Edition'. But I do like a candle in a glass jar... Makes me think of good old Yankee Candles.

Regardless of its TK Maxx status, this scent is gorgeous, but boy is it hard to describe. Think cherries, but a tad sweeter. The cherry scent comes through first and definitely remains whilst burning, while the vanilla is much more subtle but takes away the usual sourness of a cherry scent, leaving more of a sweet smell filling my room. So okay, I didn't do the best job at steering away from sweet scents, but hey, we all have out favorite scents don't we?

This was priced £4.99 from either TK Maxx or Home Sense. Sorry I forgot which, but they are practically the same shop.

Have you tried any of the Pecksniff's Candles? 


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Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow Gel

Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow Gel Review
Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow Fibre Gel
Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow Gel Light/Medium Meduim/Deep

Oh wow do I have a big review today. And this is a very photo very heavy. I got carried away....If there is one brand I trust with my brows, it just has to be Benefit. I adore their Brow Zings, and only strayed over to my  Illamasqua Eyebrow Cake, out of eyebrow curiosity. As thanks to Cara Delevingne I am a borderline eyebrow obsessive, so when my favorite brand brought out a new eyebrow product I was practically queuing at the doors!

Welcome to the eyebrow scene, Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow GelAnd even though I am slightly challenged in the brow department, gel is the one product I've never tried.  Gimme Brow is designed to be a "Brow-Volumizing Fiber Gel" that adheres to the skin and hair, creating brows where there weren't any to begin with. If you look closely at the brush you can see tiny fibers that look like little hairs, and I must say I was a bit dubious that this little tube of gel would provide my ideal bushy brow look that I normally achieve from a shadow.

Benefit Gimme Brow Gel Review
Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow Volume Gel
Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow Gel Light/Deep

Gimme Brow comes in an adorable, typical Benefit style packaging, and small enough to fit in my ever overflowing makeup bag. Coming in two shades, "Light" and "Medium/Deep" as I like my eyebrows dark, obviously I went for the deep, but if you're not a fan of filling in your brows so dark, but you want the shapely effect I'd recommend going for "Light". The "Medium/Deep" is more of an ashy brown which makes it look a bit more natural than if it was a darker brown. I would say they could do with a few more colour options, as I am very sure not every person will fall into the two colours...

Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow Gel DeepBenefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow Gel Light
Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow Gel Light Review
Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow Gel Light
Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow Gel Deep Review
Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow Gel Medium/Deep

Anyway little moans aside, Gimme Brow doesn’t just tint the brows, nor does it simply comb them into place, this beauty goes the whole way. The tiny, tiny brush is able to get right in there, it combs each individual hair to maximise and define. This little tube of gel is amazing, and nothing like I have tried before. I have shown the two different colours (thank you mum for lending me your eyebrow!) and you can just see what a different Gimme Brow makes, plus they look natural. Just like a tint would, rather than the infamous Scouse Brow.  No ifs or buts, you need this in your life.

Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow Gel £17.50

Have you tried the Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow Gel yet? 


*PR Sample/Gift

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Bargain Purchase: Real Techniques Starter Set

Real Techniques Eye Starter Set

Real Techniques Starter Set Brushes
It seems I have a TK Maxx problem. I can't seem to walk in and leave empty handed. I didn't even go in there for makeup, although I'm not entirely sure even why I went in there last week, but I couldn't be more glad I did as left on its own on the shelf was the Real Technique Starter Set, half price. Since I brought a couple of the face brushes I have been so keen to try this kit, and I am sure you'll be aware of the starter set but if you're not it contains the brushes I've listed below. Which I have given their own little review, incase (like me) you are a bit unsure what to actually do with 5 eye brushes that a non makeup lover would no doubt consider the same.
Base Shadow Brush "Applies a smooth, flawless foundation of color" | This is a soft and fluffy brush. The round, fairly chunky brush head really does make applying an all over base shadow look much more professional. 

Deluxe Crease Brush "Soft, oversized design for effortless contouring" | Admittedly I'm not the best at applying eyeshadow, no patience to blend, but having a thinner and slightly more tapered brush head than the Base Shadow Brush, means that blending has become much more bearable in the past few days. 

Brow Brush "Distinctive shape easily defines eyebrows" | The tapered Brow Brush is a tad too large for me at the moment, I am getting use to it, but after using the stupidly tiny brush from my Benefit Brow Zings kit anything larger than a pin was going to be a struggle.

Pixel-Point Eyeliner Brush "Tapered cut is ideal for dense or fine eyeliner application" | I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this brush as I don't think it works well for a fine eyeliner, or maybe that is my lack of artistic skills showing, but I do love for applying eyeshadow as an eyeliner by slightly wetting the end of the brush.

Accent Brush "Designed for precision detailing, spotlighting, highlighting, and smudging" | Underrated but a great multi-tasker as I have found. The Accent Brush is perfect for reaching the inner corner of my eye and on my brow bone, and its safe to say I've used this brush no end.

Overall I do love this is little set, and I do like the case and stand it comes in. Little things eh. Plus obviously I love it more as I got it half price. Good old TK Maxx.

Have you tried the Real Technique Starter Set?

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Revlon ColorBurst Crayon Matte Balm

 Revlon ColorBurst Crayon Matte Balm Complex Review
 Revlon ColorBurst Crayon Matte Balm Complex Nude
 Revlon ColorBurst Crayon Matte Balm Review
 Revlon ColorBurst Crayon Matte Balm Complex
If I have had such issues trying to get a makeup product, it would be this. Even though it has now been out a while, for some reason everywhere I went just did not have the nude colour I wanted, and I was not going to settle for anything less. But last weekend I finally found the  Revlon ColorBurst Crayon Matte Balm in Complex (230) amongst the very wide colour range. Like I have always said, matte products are my life. Shiny products rarely suit me, and to be honest, I just like the matte look.

That being said, I am the first to moan when my makeup goes dry/cakey so I am forever on the hunt for creamy yet matte makeup. I haven't tried much Revlon makeup for some reason, they just seem to slip off my radar whilst shopping so I was keen to dive into a new brand.

The Revlon ColorBurst Crayon Matte Balms have that creamy matte texture that I need in my life, and Complex is very much a nude, despite coming out coral-like in my photos, I find the colour matches up with my lips very well. I don't find this particularly drying and they are a lot less clingy on the lips compared to other matte lipsticks I have tried.

I found the finish to be quite satin like, similar to the Kate Moss Rimmel Lipsticks. Plus the colour staying power is much better than MUA's Power Pout Lip Crayons, so of course they are worth the extra bit of money in my opinion. Any lip products that pass the coffee shop test are a winner in my eyes, and I do like that they are in a 'pen' as for me that makes it much easier to apply, easier to get it on straight, and I just make less mess applying. Yes, I am a child. But now, thanks to Revlon, one with very nice lips.

Revlon ColorBurst Crayon Matte Balm £7.99

Have you tried any of the  Revlon ColorBurst Crayon Matte Balms?

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Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Foundation Sample

Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Foundation Sample
Maybelline Superstay Foundation Sample
Maybelline Better Skin Foundation Sample
Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Foundation Review

This isn't a review as I only have the worlds smallest sachet to judge, and that just wouldn't be fair, but I can't resist writing about it anyway as this is Maybelline's newest foundation offering. Maybelline is one of those brands I have such a love/hate relationship with, there seems to be no middle ground for me and how I get on with their makeup, so naturally I couldn't rip this sample out of this month's Cosmopolitan. (Which I HAD to buy as it has Mollie King on the cover, don't judge!)

Better Skin claims reduce the appearance of dull, blotchy and uneven skin, leaving skin with flawless, hydrated, even and glowing finish.  It even claims to sort out discoloration and brightens dull areas, providing a healthy looking glow from day to night. The formula is suitable for sensitive skin, contains no perfume, and is non-comedogenic.  Not that I know what that is. As you can see, the swatch is so orange, yet is does blend out okay-ish. But then I can't complain about colour over a free sample can I. But, they could of given out a tad more in the sachet, I barely had enough to cover my chin... but I somehow managed it.

velvety matte finish
I wouldn't entirely recommend this foundation for those with oily/very oily skin unless you are prepared to keep powder close by throughout the day as I noticed that on my nose the foundation sort of disappeared, and I had a shiny nose as a result. And I also would say watch out for dry patches, as you can see this has clung to my chin. Not ideal.

Can't say I was overwhelmed by this, but then I don't like to judge based on so little, but I can't see I will be rushing out to buy this.

Have you tried the Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Foundation?

velvety matte finish
velvety matte finish

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Bourjois Paris Liner Feutre Eyeliner

Bourjois Paris Liner Feutre Eyeliner ReviewBourjois Paris Liner Feutre Felt Tip Eyeliner
Bourjois Paris Liner Feutre Purple Eyeliner
Bourjois Paris Liner Feutre Review
This is the second part of my Bourjois haul, and this was the item I originally wanted to buy, before I lost all my self control and caved in to the 3 for 2 offer. The Bourjois Paris Liner Feutre is something I have been lusting after for a while as I have been struggling to find a dark purple felt tip eyeliner. Most being a bright purple, which just reminds me of my teen years, and something that I am in no rush to revisit.

The nib of this liner is very much like an actual felt tip pen. Show this to any man and I bet they would think this fell out a felt tip pen set. But I do like this type of nib as I swear it makes it easier to apply. Plus the nib is long and defined, making eye corners easier to get to, and the color comes off fairly easily. It's also quite easy to make a thin line, or a thicker line without hurting, yes, I am looking at you No7 Stay Precise Liner. Helpful if you have completely messed up your line and the only option is to make it thicker.

Like I mentioned, the reason I was drawn to the Liner Feutre was the purple colour, which dried nicely and not 'gappy'. Although, it is slightly darker than I imagined, I know, I know I said I wanted a darker purple, but I'm not sure if it is too close to black? Either way, it still doesn't beat my favourite Eyeko Skinny Mini Eyeliner, but it is pretty close. If only if I could decide if I like the colour...

Have you tried the Bourjois Paris Liner Feutre?

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