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Weekly Wax: Pecksniff's Cherry and Vanilla Candle

Pecksniff Cherry Flower and Tahitian Vanilla Review
Pecksniff Cherry Flower and Tahitian Vanilla CandlePecksniff Cherry and Vanilla Candle

Yes, this is another TK Maxx find with the Pecksniff's Cherry Flower and Tahitian Vanilla Candle, well Home Sense I think, but same company and all that. As I mentioned in my last Weekly Wax post, I have tried a different scent this week to my usual cookie/sugar/super vanilla scents. Admittedly, this does have vanilla in, but it's hardly promitment.

Pecksniff's is one of those brands I can never justify purchasing in normal circumstances, but obviously I am swayed in Home Sense/TK Maxx as they just seem so cheap. This is a 'Limited Edition', but it isn't listed on the Pecksniff's website, so I am guessing it was specially made for TK Maxx and they just said that it was 'Limited Edition'. But I do like a candle in a glass jar... Makes me think of good old Yankee Candles.

Regardless of its TK Maxx status, this scent is gorgeous, but boy is it hard to describe. Think cherries, but a tad sweeter. The cherry scent comes through first and definitely remains whilst burning, while the vanilla is much more subtle but takes away the usual sourness of a cherry scent, leaving more of a sweet smell filling my room. So okay, I didn't do the best job at steering away from sweet scents, but hey, we all have out favorite scents don't we?

This was priced £4.99 from either TK Maxx or Home Sense. Sorry I forgot which, but they are practically the same shop.

Have you tried any of the Pecksniff's Candles? 


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