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Favourite accounts on Instagram: Part Three

Bouquet of flowers from Instagram

Or as this post should be renamed, girl crushes and Instagram accounts I look at far too much. So if I can't share four of my favourites then Instagram really just becomes another waste of my time, in a way I've turned this into somewhat of a production thing. Or that is what I'm going to keep telling myself...

Molliermanning | Well Mollie is a photographer, so I do have a excuse for slightly overindulging in her account. Photos of makeup, her pretty face and her stupidly photogenic frenchie dog are the reasons the other 1383 people also are with me in loving Mollie.

Rainingcakeblog | I need to write myself a mental note before clicking on Julie's account. You'll either leave broke, hungry or more than likely in my case, both. All the makeup she posts just seem like a must have that I can't live one more day with out, and unfortunately for my skinny jeans, I have the same feelings towards to Krispy Kreme donuts she recently posted....

Queen of Carbs | Jessica makes everything look so good, and like I could actually wear it and not look too ridiculous for me. Throw in some food shots and lots of her pretty hair, and you can see why I just love her. Plus, she did post a pretty good "Donut worry, be happy" quote...can you see what is on my mind?

Ellenextdoor | Oh Ellie. Just look at her face. That explains why I obsessively double tap all her photos, often more than once a day. She does of course throw in food photos (seems to be my follow criteria) and dreamy shots of her life, which of course I don't envy....

Who are you favourite accounts on Instagram?

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