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George at Asda Quick Dry Nail Polishes

George at Asda Quick Dry Nail Polishes in Movie Star

This isn't the first time I've been in Asda and picked up makeup, I just can't resist their prices. Last time it was a Benefit High Beam dupe for £3.50, and this week it was a £1 nail polish. Yes. £1. My strawberries cost more.

I picked up the shade Movie Star, admittedly not very summery, but then I never am and do struggle to tear myself away from my black clothing when the sun makes a appearance. These Quick Dry polishes are small bottles (5ml), but I rarely use a full bottle anyway, in fact I don’t think I ever have! Movie Star as you can see is a interesting shade, its a grey/mauve but has hints of subtle purple/pink sheen – tricky to photograph (and explain!) but hopefully you can see what I mean.

However, and here comes my little moan, I am slightly disappointed because of the quick dry formula, its dries so quickly, almost too quickly as there is no time for topping up if you didn’t get enough to cover the nail with the first brush stroke. Even painting my wheel was hard not to get it streaky. It did take 3 coats and then I could still my nail line through the polish, so I actually think it would need 4 thin coats but my patience ran out by then. This is such a shame as I love the colour, I love the price, I sort of love how quick it dries, but the streakiness? Not so much. Saying that, I'm sure I will still be picking more colours up.

Have you tried any of the George at Asda Quick Dry Nail Polishes?

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