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Blogs Worth That Bookmark

Blogs Worth That Bookmark
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Hey beauties. My blog reading list is stupidly long, and I have decided that at some point in the near future I will be adding a Blogroll, but until then here is my six (sorry had to be a even number) blogs that I think are worth that bookmark. 

Rebekah Hannah - I have mentioned the gorgeous Rebekah in one of my 'What I've Been Loving Posts' with her versatile blog. And of course my girl crush still stands strong. Her fashion posts will make you want to go and change your entire wardrobe. Plus, she loves a nude lip, a girl after my own heart.

Katies Blonde Ambition - Its a blonde girl thing, obviously. But Katies blog is one of my new favourites to my reading list. And did I mentioned she blogs about beauty and brownies? Need I say more. 

Anoushka Loves - This girl always find makeup I've not even heard of, especially lipsticks. She gives me major envy of shades I just could never pull off. And she is on her quest for the perfect nude lipstick. Yep, think we both know why I love Anoushka's blog so much. 

Katie's World Of Beauty - I've been reading Katie's blog for a while now and love her diversity in her posts. Beauty items, fashion, books and movies this girl covers it all. And I am recently lusting after her beach pictures. My next obsession after castles!

Annie Writes Beauty - Alice's blog must be one of my newest finds, and I am so glad I found it. Her writing style is so lovely, and she makes me fall in love with every item she posts about. Plus, she is a total stunner and I'm forever wanting her outfits she posts on Twitter.

Beauty in Beta - I have a feeling I may of mentioned Beth's blogs, Beauty in Beta, somewhere on my blog before, but I can't find it so I may have been dreaming. Anyway, the reason Beth's blog is one of my favourites, and not just as I have a case of deja vu writing this, is that she just covers everything. Of course beauty being the main topic of focus, but her other posts have will leave me feeling rather positive about live. Plus you need to check out her latest charity venture, taking part in the Great London Swim in August for Polysystic Kidney Disease. Considering I can't get pass doggy paddle I very much admire Beth!

And of course, please do feel free to bookmark my blog....*smirking face*.

What other blogs do you think are worth that bookmark?

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