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W7 Lashtastic False Liquid Lashes Mascara

W7 Lashtastic False Liquid Lashes Mascara Review

W7 Lashtastic Liquid Lashes Mascara
Now I've never met a mascara under £5 that I've liked. Ever. I just can't lie, none meet my expectations. Mascara snob over here. But as you might of seen in W7 Makeup Haul last week, I have the W7 Lashtastic False Liquid Lashes Mascara to try...

There isn't many claims from W7 to what this mascara is meant to achieve, just the false lash effect. But, first thing I noticed is the similarities to Max Factor False Lash Effect. Firstly the false lash claim, yes making myself sound very observant, but also the wand is identical. I do also think its rather similar to the Max Factor Clump Defy. The packaging stands out as well it is bright yellow. I am sure this one will not be hard to find in a makeup bag. But this is one thing I don't understand about budget brands, why make the products look cheap? Or it that the point? What do I know. 

W7 Lashtastic False Lashes Mascara

W7 Lashtastic False Liquid Lashes Mascara

I'll stick to what I do know, and that is mascara wands, this one is a chunky plastic one with short bristles, and the brush is large and I just knew before I tried it that I will make a mess. And I did. So just take note if you like your wands slimmer. (Just Google the Max Factor False Lash Effect if you're really intrigued into this wand..) However, fat wands, cheap packaging and slight eye mess aside, I really like this mascara. Its a great daytime natural look, and builds lashes up evenly without clumping up, so you can if you're feeling clever build it up for a more dramatic look. 

I can't stress enough how identical this is to Max Factor False Lash Effect. If you're a fan of that, or after a cheaper alternative you NEED to try W7 Lashtastic False Liquid Lashes Mascara. How much my inner mascara snob hates to admit this, in a blind test I highly doubt I could tell the difference. As if I have found my first under £5 mascara that I will actually wear...

W7 Lashtastic Black Mascara - £4.95

Have you tried the W7 Lashtastic False Liquid Lashes Mascara?

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