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YSL Fusion Ink Foundation First Impressions

YSL Fusion Ink Foundation

Its no secret I love Yves Saint Laurent,  especially their Shocking Mascara. So naturally I just had to go and get my sample of the new Fusion Ink Foundation which unless you live in another makeup filled world, you would of heard about this.

Claiming "24 hours of soft-matte perfection and comfort." While not being cakey or heavy on your skin. And apparently the 'fusion ink' name is something to do with the 'fine-as-ink formala. Just thnk of all those school years we've tried to avoid ink on out faces.

On first impressions is so similar to L'Oreal Paris Eau De Teint foundation (which I don't like...) Same brand and all that. It is light on the skin, although it doesn't feel 'invisible' and has a medium build-able coverage with a natural looking finish. Despite being semi-matte, it still manages to give you a definite glow, but nothing overwhelming nor did I look at my skin and think wow. Come on with all done that. 

There are 16 shades available however, so a good selection to choose from in both neutral, warm and cool tones, I got matched up to the shade B30, which doesn't mean to much to me. I like names. Anyway, high end brands definitely have the upper hand here over high street foundations. It's not the best foundation I've ever tried, and just doesn't provide the coverage I'm after, but its more covering that their Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation. The finish just wasn't photo worthy either, 

Don't get me wrong, it's pleasant and definitely evens out my skin tone, but I don't think its worth the £30.50. Maybe I just had higher hopes of YSL.

YSL Fusion Ink Foundation £30.50

Have you tried the YSL Fusion Ink Foundation?

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