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Make Up Tricks Stolen From Other Models

I often joke I get paid for "being tall and skinny", but I actually do. Despite the ups and downs of the fashion world, I have picked up a few secret tips from makeup artists and other models along my career, and being the start of London Fashion Week on Friday, thought I would share them. 

Fuller looking lips. I am not blessed with full lips, if anything they are wonky from a childhood accident, but I soon realised that other models also with not so blessed lips fill them in with the pencil of similar to their lip colour, then trace just a little bit outside the natural lip line and then apply a lip gloss with shimmer on top of it, it reflects light and gives the illusion of fuller looking lips. Sneaky eh?

Perfect face with no effort. Models often need the perfect face with no makeup...erm that never happens, well not to me anyway. But often for castings and bare face occasions I just use a concealer. To be more precise, I use two concealers; one lighter for around my eyes, and another slightly darker colour for the areas of the face where I need it. After this 'camouflage', less foundation is needed on top, hopefully leaving my face very natural looking and doing what I'm told.

Always were bronzer. Instant pop of colour and razor cheekbones? Yes please. Just not enough to make my face look dirty, and orange. That isn't very model-equse.

Look amazing and fresh in pictures? Not going to lie, I think I look awful in all 'normal' snaps thanks to Photoshop. However I've noticed other models often wear red lipstick leaving the rest of the face bare-ish (little bit of concealer to cover spots). Not sure why, but it just looks good in photos.

Drink enough water. Sorry. This is boring and you've heard it a million time before, but it works. End of. No one got bad dry, flakey spotty skin from drinking water did they?

Do you have any more sneaky makeup tips?

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