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My Top Three Mascaras. Ever.

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Hey lovelies. So I am rather fickle with makeup, and constantly change my favourites (if you haven't noticed), and even what I'm looking in a product. One day I want matte, the next I want a dewy look. Or I want a bronzed goddess image (that never happens), then I want to go au natural. But, one thing that has never changed is my mascaras. I am always after extreme volume and serious lashes, and there are three mascara that do just that...

A fairly simple mascara, no OTT brushes, you can really build the volume up without it looking clumpy and spidery. I think out the three this is the least volumsing. But that is me being so picky.

My first mascara love. Volumsing and glossy lashes in a tube. Although I do feel like this is a mascara you could very easily go over board with, but that is something that is never going to stress me, surprisingly. Plus the best Lancome mascara hands down, don't get swayed by Lancome Grandiose. Just don't. 

This wins on packaging. See I did say I was fickle. But the YSL Shocking formula is thick and so black, honestly the blackest mascara. this is very much a dramatic, and true to its name, shocking mascara. Sorry LancĂ´me and Benefit.

What are your favourite mascaras?

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