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Three Blogs I Read Daily: Part Two

The Three Blogs I Read Daily: Part Two

Best form of procrastination? Reading blogs of course. I've gone from not even knowing blogs exist too borderline obsessively reading them. Well, they do say blogs are the new magazines right (Make me feel better)? I've already posted Three Blogs I Read Daily, and here are three more to my list.

Porcelain Beauty | Even though I should dislike Heather for being so switched on at 19, I just can't. Her blog is just filled of beauty and somehow her content just seems to flow (another reason to dislike her), and watching Porcelain Beauty grow really puts a smile on my face.

Charmed Charlee | Not only is Charlee a complete sweetheart her blog is the perfect mix of beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Without fail I go on to read her posts daily as its always excitement for me to see what she has posted that day. Wish lists to MAC collections, there is nothing this girl can't do. 

Every Little Thing 07 | A blog of just pure envy. Not only are Ella's posts amazing, they are filled with my wish list full of items, and so well put together she makes me want to buy everything. Even if I don't want it (which of course is rare). This is one blog I can guarantee I'll click on everyday and be lost in for hours.

What blogs do you read daily?

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