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Old Wives Tail Hair Rosemary & Argan Oil Treatment

Old Wives Tail Hair Rosemary & Argan Oil Treatment Review

Old Wives Tail Hair Rosemary & Argan Oil Treatment

Hey lovelies. Now before you say anything, I've not made a spelling mistake in the title, 'tail' is a play on 'tale', not me making an error. Which is normally the case. I was recently sent the Old Wives Tail Oil Treatment to try, and this couldn't of come at a better time as I am trying to bring my hair back to live after a hairdresser pretty much killed it with bleach. But that is whole different story. And no, I didn't ask for a full head of bleach foils, she misread my notes. Wonderful

Anyway, moans aside, I was very grateful to receive a product designed to condition my hair tacking thick, fizzy and unruly hair, with added vitamin E. Which mine has recently become. Its also good to note that Old Wives Tail as a brand are 100% against animal testing, and are a natural, chemical free, environmentally friendly brand. Also you need to have a read of the story behind OWT.
Following the instructions, I used the treatment on damp hair and massaged it into my scalp. Having left it on for just over an hour, trying to ignore my boredom, and then rinsed thoroughly. The Rosemary & Argan Oil scent is obviously notable, and however stupid this sounds, it does smell like its working. Or is it just me who thinks products have this effect?

You really don't need a lot of this, I've used this mask about four times now, and I've not even used a quarter of it. My hair was in such a mess that I doubted it could do much for my hair, but this is the only product that I've used on my hair in a long time that has actually worked, and helped my hair feel less bleached. My hair isn't going to be like silk at the moment, but this treatment has made it feel a bit more 'normal', plus smell lingers for several days after washing. I can't really praise this enough, and this is defiantly one brand you need to watch out for.

Old Wives Tail Rosemary & Argan Oil Treatment £13.99

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