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What I've Been Loving This Week

Alexa Chung IT

Feels like I haven't done one of my What I've Been Loving This Week posts in forever. I think I got too distracted playing tourist. But I have found there is just too much love this week over here, so of course I have to share it.

Erstwhile Felicity | One of my brand new blog finds, and I am so happy I stumbled across Erstwhile Felicity as I am head over heels with everything this girl does. Just look at her photography. You will be in love too.

Miaou Or Never | Just look at her cat. No words are needed to why I love her blog, coming from a future mad cat lady.

Soap & Glory | Why oh why did I ignore their makeup, completely? I admit it, I am a snob who thought a 'budget' brand just could not be good. I eat words...Supercatt and Brow Archery I salute you.

Alexa Chung's 'IT' | Ugh. I did not want to like this, I did not even want this book. But it happened (thanks to the library, old school eh) and I am a tiny bit obsessed, even for the photos alone. The entire book just wants me to become more 'cool'. Which will never happen. Don't with Arianna Grande's album on repeat anyway.

What have you been loving this week?

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