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Playing Tourist: Part 3

Bodiam Castle East Sussex

Bodiam Castle Moat

Side View of Bodiam Castle

Walk Up To Bodiam Castle

Inside Bodiam Castle

Bodiam Castle Ducks

I am really getting into this tourist malarkey. Especially castles. I do like a good castle visit. In previous weeks I have Playing Tourist at Hever Castle, and again Played Tourist at Leeds Castle. This week, its Bodiam Castle. Again, stupidly close to where I live I can't actually believe it, and just how uncultured I really am.  

14th century Bodiam Castle is one of Britain's 'most picturesque and romantic ancient monuments'. But now days its a just a ruin. Deceiving as from the outside it looks still in a perfect state, but the broken down walls and general lack of interior say otherwise. Obviously this has slightly less to walk round then the others, but I still loved walking round imagining, and wishing,  I lived in the Medieval Times. Then I remembered they didn't have mascara. 

I might go further a field on my next castle venture, as well, I am running out of castles.

Have you been to Bodiam Castle?

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