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Weekly Wax: Flamingo Candle Pink Lemonade

Flamingo Candle Pink Lemonade

Its been way too hot for candle burning recently. But a true candle addict can't keep away that long, so heat and all I have a new exciting candle company, Flamingo Candles. These organic and handmade candles did cause a instant love session once I realised there is a Flamingo on the jar too. 

I got the scent Pink Lemonade, which even though I adore Pink Lemonade as a drink, is much nicer than it sounds. Well to me anyway. I had thoughts of this candle just being lemoned scented, but oh no, I am actually glad to say I was wrong. This is much sweeter and sugary than I had imagined, and has subtle hints of strawberries and lemons. But, just wait, onto of that this is infused with  Champagne fizz. Could be the reason why I am in love with this candle. I don't think I've ever really come across a alcohol candle, let alone one that smells divine.  

Obviously I am a avid Yankee Candle girl, but I do think Flamingo Candles could be a strong rival. As their candles are also reasonably priced for the £12 that they cost, and they do burn for 50 hours, and Yankee Candles are in a similar bracket, depending on the size. And not that should say this as I might regret it, but I actually prefer this to the Yankee Candle drink scent I have, Margarita Lime. Sorry YC, and I do think the Flamingo Candle Cheesecake Crunch is next on my list. 

Have you tried Flamingo Candles?

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