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Underused Makeup

Alexa Chung IT

Totally irrelevant photo, but impromptu post means impromptu photo. Plus I am trying to cling on to summer with my sunnies. Anyway, I think we are all guilty of not using most of our makeup. But sitting here thinking about it, there are items I love, yet I don't use...not reason in particular, I just need to use them more.

MAC Kohl Power Eye Pencil in Raven | I love this colour, I really do. But its almost like it just totally forget I own it. Which I think I did till the post. Might have to stick this on my mirror or something...

Karora Cosmetics CC Cream |I'm all for a lazy makeup cut, so why I don't use CC cream more is beyond me. A bit of colour and even complexion? Yes please. So why do I forget it? I honestly have no idea.

Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner | I do love this, and the finish. But it can be a pain to apply quickly. Or maybe thats just me making a mess, but I am finding the Supercat Liner much quicker (like I said I am a huge fan of makeup laziness). Although I must try and persevere with this. I must.

Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara | I love the wand on this mascara, and think its the perfect Benefit They're Real dupe. Its only of the only high street mascaras I really rate, yet it barely sees the light of day. 

George at Asda Quick Dry Nail Polishes | These are £1. Its practically like shop lifting them from Asda. Yet my collection of these polishes totals to one. Forget using these more, I actually need to buy more. I feel a rather polish centred weekly shop this week.

Whats on your Underused Makeup list?

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