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Playing Tourist: Part 2

Leeds Castle Grounds and Entrance

Leeds Castle Walk in the grounds

Leeds Castle Lady Bailie

Leeds Castle Peacock

Leeds Castle Grounds

Hey lovelies. Last week I played tourist for the day at Hever Castle.  And it seems I now have a castle obsession. Strange considering my history knowledge generally extends to appreciating Jonathan Rhys Meyers looking rather good in the Tutor TV series. Hardly a history expert.  

This week I visited Leeds Castle, a palace used by Henry VIII and his first wife Catherine of Aragon, for what I don't know. Sleepovers? Anyway, it is apparently a Jacobean country house, but to me, its firmly in the castle category. Just look at the first photo. That is not a house. 

The portrait is of Lady Baillie who owned the castle for quiet a while, and was the reason its decorated so lovely. I couldn't actually get many photos inside, well actually I wasn't allowed to take any...but one sneaked in. And oh, I couldn't resist a castle selfie. 

Have you been to Leeds Castle?

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