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Sleek Corrector and Concealer Palette

Sleek Corrector and Concealer Palette
Sleek Corrector and Concealer Palette Close
Sleek Corrector and Concealer Palette Swatch

As I mentioned in my Sleek Contour palette review, I also received the Sleek Corrector and Concealer Palette I have since realised how similar both the packagings are to that of MAC and Nars, bit of a blatant copy there Sleek. Although Sleek has provided a mirror in the palettes so I guess that gives them a few extra brownie points.

I received colour number 2, but looking online at Sleek's website they do seem to have plenty of colour choices and shades. The Sleek Corrector and Concealer Palette palette contains a pink toned corrector, a concealer and a setting powder. I love this idea, and the pink toned corrector is perfect for brightening up the under eye area. This is has SPF 15 in, which is a so good for me as I am not much of a sun worshipper and I am always applying creams with SPF in, borderline obsessive I reckon.

Both of the concealer and corrector have a really thin but smooth consistency, the concealer is a little thicker and more pigmented than the corrector. The concealer gives an even medium coverage and the corrector gives a slightly lighter coverage. I really like this consistency of this product, it bends nicely under your eyes and the thin smooth texture allows a little amount to go a long way, it also doesn't dry out the skin. The powder is a smooth but is quite sheer, so it acts more as a setting powder rather than a heavy coverage powder. I do think though that if you suffer from very dark circles and/or imperfections you may find this a bit to light as it just wouldn't cover them. 

I have been reticent in general to use under-eye concealers due to their tendency to crease, and to feel heavy under the eye, but Sleek has pulled off a little victory for themselves with this and the Sleek Corrector and Concealer Palette is my new favourite product of the year.

Have you tried the Sleek Corrector and Concealer Palette?

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