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The Spring Pastels & Pinks Nail Cliches. Thanks to Essie, Barry M and Sally Hansen

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The minute we enter March my entire mood changes, and I jump into spring regardless of the actual weather. Especially as I am in fact writing this not being able to hear a thing due to the rain hammering down on my conservatory. Hey ho. And we know the springtime cliche, pastel and often pink nails, and both have firmly made themselves known in my house.

First up  are the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polishes in Pinky Promise and Chalked Up. Pinky Promise stuck to the promise and delivered a gorgeous mid pink shade. While Chalked Up is more of a pastel purple. These are from their new range of 47 shades and a top coat, designed to give that gel look without a lamp. I won't go into a full review, but these two polishes are seriously good. Wide brushes, thick formula and colour that does unmistakably stay on for around 10 days chip-less have made Sally Hansen my new favourite nail polish brand. Big claim right there I know. 

Next is the Barry M in Rosehip, as every nail polish post needs a Barry M shade. This is the 'poor mans' Sally Hansen for me. These Gellys are thicker than regular polishes, yet this creamy pale pink really can't compare to the Sally Hansens. Although I am sure my purse would rather me prefer these Barry M ones. 

Lastly is Essie's Sugar Daddy, and oh how I don't put Essie down, and this crossover shade already made an appearance in my Going Nude This Winter post. But technically being pink I just have to mention it again, especially as I've not stopped wearing this, and its without a doubt my failsafe shade. And even though is a shimmery pink shade, it looks just as pretty with one coat applied as it does with three. So not only can the pale colour mean I can be lazy with chips, I can also just apply the one.

This would also be excellent picks for a certain upcoming Mothers Days (15th March F.Y.I), or just for yourself...and I'm thinking the latter, as well, Mums just don't like cliches, do they?

What are your favourite pink nail polishes?

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