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Makeup tricks I am yet to master

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So, for such a makeup addict, I hate admitting there are still a list of tricks, items and routines I am yet to figure out. For whatever reason, whether it be forgetting, too little time or just lack of talent. Maybe I am using this post as a form a self therapy, but hopefully at some point in the near future none of this list will be a issue.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer | In my world, life is just too short to use eyeshadow primer. I've never seen a difference. Or its just the fact I am way too impatient to wait for one second for it to dry could be the reason.

Curling My Eyelashes | I know I know. For a mascara blog admitting this is a faux pas is a understatement. And cue the first world problem here, but when I curl my lashes they go wonky and rather strange looking. They do not curl, they do anything but. 

Bronzing Primer | I am one of those girls who continually gets 'are you ill' comments. No, just no fake tan. So really I need to use this more, no orange face comes of this, but it just makes me look like I have been out the house at some point this year. Yet this just sits on my dressing table looking alone. 

Benefit High Brow | I literally just forget this. I spend so much time doing my eye makeup that time I get to my eyebrows I am in a rush to finish. I think better time planning could be the answer here. Or just sellotape it to my mirror.

Makeup Revolution Blush Sticks | Not singling out Makeup Revolution, this is just blusher in general as since getting these blush sticks I release I do like pink blush. But remembering to apply it? Rarely. And not making myself look overly flushed? Not yet.

What makeup tricks are you yet to master?

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