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Skincare SOS Favourites

Skincare SOS Favourites

We all have those days (or weeks) were our skin is totally against us, no matter what we do. During these times there a few items that I call out into in hope my skin will redeem itself. Unfortunately they are all higher end items, so please share your skincare SOS favourites with me. Once you've read mine first of course....

First is is my spot saviour, the Clinique On The Spot Treatment. This is a pretty multi purpose treatment, being able to be used over and under face creams, as well as foundations. The clear gel sinks right up and as expected does sting if my spot is particularly angry (or been squeezed, but shh), forming a almost cling film like layer.

Next is the REN Rosa Centifolia Hot Cloth Cleanser. this hot cloth cleanser is completely different to any other I’ve used before. This is more of a smooth, light and milky cream, compared to the often heavy balm like ones that often make a appearance. The hot cloth enclosed (not pictured as its laying soaking wet in my bathroom) is really soft but also sort of textured, providing a gentle exfoliation. My delicate sensitive little face has been loving the replenished feeling, and has handled a double cleanse without feeling stripped. This is defiantly the hot cloth cleanser for sensitive skinned people.

Last, and by no means least is my newest addition to my bathroom cupboard, the Nuxe Crème Fraiche de Beauté Mask. This range has existed since the late nineties apparently, and aimed this range at sensitive, dehydrated skin. Unlike most, or all masks I've tried, you apply a layer of this light   moisturiser-eqsue over your face, leave it for 10 minutes and then massage your face, leaving the masks to kind of roll off your face. Sorry for the lack of proper terminology there. The results from this mask have been absolutely amazing, no dry skin in sight and my face just feels moisturised and supple for days after I use this. Apparently you can store this one in the fridge too to make it feel extra refreshing, but my fridge may be too full at the moment with a pre-Easter chocolate haul for me to try this. Priorities right there.

What are your Skincare SOS Favourites?

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