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Caudalie Divine Body Scrub

Caudalie Divine Body Scrub

If I am going to skimp on a beauty product, I said if, body scrubs would be the one I pick. Scrubs are scrubs right? Surely the grains in the lotion can't be that different? I am wrong. I found the Caudalie Divine Body Scrub.  This described as a “softening scrub with brown sugar and four natural plant oils, featuring their signature Divine fragrance.”

Well I've never tried Caudalie before so I can't say what their scent they are apparently known for is like, but oh my, this smells good. As usual I can't put my finger, or nose, on it, but I want to say its very champagne-esque. If you could put a luxury scent in a tub this would be it. 

The consistency is almost solid, and as you dig through and use the product, it gets more workable luckily, but it’s a product that you need to dig and scoop out. I did get a lot underneath my nails when doing so, and even more of a first world problem, but I did chip my nails a bit. But I survived. 

It’s a sugar-based scrub, so the granules are less harsh than a salt-based scrub, so if you do like gentle exfoliation that doesn’t feel like you’re scraping skin off your body, you'll love this. This isn't a scrub that will shift a major fake tanning session, but it defiantly leaves my skin so soft. And did I mention, smelling ah-mazing. Sorry bank account for now being not able to skimp on body scrub. 

Caudalie Divine Body Scrub £21.50

Have you tried the Caudalie Divine Body Scrub?

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