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Makeup Revolution The One Fluid Blushers

Makeup Revolution The One Fluid Blushers Desire and Pink Dew Reviews

The Makeup Revolution The One Fluid Blushers Review
Till a few months ago powder blushes scared me. Cream blushes petrified me. So naturally liquid blushes were devil like. Oh how the times have changed, as I now have powder, cream and liquid in my collection. The Makeup Revolution The One Fluid Blusher is my newest addition, and I have never been so scared by makeup, if ever. These blushes do what they say and are a fluid blush (rather similar to the Daniel Sandler fluid blushes £15) in a range of shades for a steal of £3.

All are siliconed based, oil free and has a unique fluid texture which is said to suit all skin types and avoid blocking up pores, and just sliding off your face. The two shades I have here are the Makeup Revolution The One Fluid Blusher in Pink Dew, the least scary of the duo in a baby pink with a slight shimmer but barely there if I'm honest. Desire is the scary looking hot pink that contains some lovely gold glitter. Bit like Nars's Unlawful in fluid form.

Obviously formula wise, they are rather runny, and you have to thoroughly shake the bottle beforehand to make sure all the ingredients are mixed up. Reminded me of primary school art days so that wasn't a problem.

Makeup Revolution The One Fluid Blushers

I have found this little bottles are best applied by pouring a tiny bit into the palm of your hand and then quickly swirling a Kabuki (or similar) brush around you palm, then swirling it over your cheeks. And you know what? I love the colours, both them. Pink Dew is the more workable one, the one I am wearing, and yes, my favourite. I do still prefer their palette blushes in All About Bronze and Golden Sugar, if I am honest, but if you're a blush-o-holic then you need to give these a go. Who would of thought I would be such a pink blush fan? My poor neglected bronzer. 

Have you tried the Makeup Revolution The One Fluid Blushers?

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