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The Phil Smith Be Gorgeous Range

The Phil Smith Be Gorgeous Range

I actually Phil Smith was a high end brand like you get from Boots such as Mark Hill, John Fredia, Toni & Guy etc. But apparently I'm wrong as they are in fact a Sainsbury's purchase. Shows how much I know eh. Anyway, the The Phil Smith Be Gorgeous range is one of those collections that makes quite a good little stocking filler, and doesn't wouldn't look out of place next to those higher end brands in a bathroom. I have been trying out a few of their items, and have been actually impressed by the range. 

First is the Phil Smith Hot Iron Mist, a really good smelling product and something you can never have enough of. Well in my case anyway, I'm hoping one day that I might remember to use heat protecter every time I dry my hair (please don't shout at me). Next is the Phil Smith Transforming Argan Oil, and this is a lovely lightweight serum, enough for my flat limp hair not too cry when I use it. Plus my hair extensions have seen a good coating of this. In the serum range I have also been trying the Phil Smith Oh So Straight Serum. I've been using this post-styling, and its almost curing me of my serum phobia. Again my own hair has been a fan of the extra non greasy conditioning. Lastly is the Phil Smith Glam Shine Finishing Spray, and this little pink tube has reminded me how much I used to love a finishing spray. I think it was a L'Oreal one I used to use, but this has been doing a rather good job.

Normally not one to be a fan of cheaper haircare and I very surprised with Phil Smith, and its actually a good job I don't have anyone to give these too in their stocking as I doubt they would be let go from my hands.

The entire Phil Smith range can be brought from Sainsbury's from around £3/4 upwards, plus they have some offers on right now.

Have you tried any of the Phil Smith haircare range?

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