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A Synthetic Ponytail. The greatest hair faux pas?

The Hot Hair Long Perfect Pony Review
The Hot Hair Long Perfect Pony Hot Hair Long Perfect Pony
Normally the words 'Synthetic Ponytail' make my inner snob recoil in horror, even from a hair extension addict. The overly long, curly and shiny ponytails that you often see, that don't even match in colour, just grate on me. Why get hair that looks like you've got a dead meerkat hanging from your head? Exactly. So its safe to say I didn't have the highest hopes for the Hot Hair Long Perfect Pony.

First up this is a Synthetic Ponytail, that you just wrap around your own ponytail, slide a large grip into it, with a section of fake hair that you wrap around the join that the wrap creates. The Hot Hair team kindly colour matched my balayage hair to the 'Creamy Twist' colour. Which as you can see is a light blonde with slight other golden shades running through. Thankfully this ponytail is actually layered, so not that dreaded one length look, plus it is straight, and in my opinion pretty close to its 'perfect' namesake. 

Hot Hair Long Perfect Pony in Creamy Twist

Being so quick to apply, I literally just clip in and wrap the hair around, I've been wearing this daily, and my hair extensions have been taking a back seat in my hair routine. I've had no issue with the synthetic hair either, and its actually looks better the more I wear it as the sheen tones down and look more natural. So while the Synthetic Ponytail may still cause gasps for some people, I am fully embracing this hair faux pas.

Hot Hair Long Perfect Pony is £24. Bargain hair in my opinion.

Have you tried any of the Hot Hair Ponytails?

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