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Last Years Resolutions. How did I do?

Brown Paper Christmas Wrapping Paper
Had to show of my Christmas wrapping somehow

That time of year is here. New year new me, and that all. And for the first time last year I actually made some resolutions to stick to, blog wise. Anything more really would of been pushing the boat out. So with 2014 about to disappear into history, what better time to see how I did at My 2014 Goals & Resolutions.  

Schedule, schedule, schedule | Starting on a high here as I have stuck to this throughout the year, and thanks to forward thinking and scheduling I have post every other day, if not everyday, for the past year...Smug? Me?

Write more lifestyle posts | Maybe not done as well as I hope here, but my playing tourists posts have to count as something right? I visited Hever Castle, Leeds Castle, Bodiam Castle (sensing a theme here?) and finally only Buckingham Palace. Obviously English History isn't everyones thing, but seeing as its my guilty pleasure and I am happy I managed to combine it with some blogging, even if there was no mascara in sight. 

Experiment more | Err, I think this is a success, kind of. Let me explain, while my makeup has stayed pretty much the same with the odd red lip and slightly darker eyeshadows, my hair was the thing I experimented more with this year. Goodbye long platinum blonde hair. I went back to my natural state of shoulder length dark blonde hair, for about..oohh a month? And while I do still have my natural hair colour, I caved and now have subtle ombre, yes with the length back. I'll count this as half a fail. 

Comment more | If this wasn't a success then I don't know what is. I would say for 5/6 nights a weeks in the past year  (don't comment on my social life...) I have read and commented on my favourite blogs, new blogs and established blogs without fail, and I didn't do this as a chore or something I felt I had to do. This was actually my form of relaxation...strange? Perhaps...

Did you stick to your last years resolutions?

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