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Weekly Wax: Waitrose Christmas Candles

Waitrose Christmas Candles Tea Lights and Snowflakes

Waitrose Christmas Candles Tea Lights and Snowflakes
I am blaming summer for my lack of Weekly Wax posts, not that I seem to of tried the majority of candles...its defiantly the heat...defiantly. But you know what the festive period calls for? Candles. And of course I have not been short of them this winter, and even better as Christmas seems to of turned them glittery.

I picked up all these candles from Waitrose, and they stole my heart due to the sparkle. Sorry Yankee. The Snowflake Candles are scentless, but the shape and glitter completely makes up for that, and they do even burn down in their snowflake shape. I was expected a wax related mess emergency when I brought these. The Festive Spice tea lights are, well festive spice scented. More subtle than Yankee Candles, but the cinnamon and vanilla scent is so nice. I just can't explain how much I am in love with this, and dare I say it...but I think I prefer this to just plain vanilla. Or maybe all the glitter has gone to my head.

I can't find either of these of Waitrose's website, but you can see their other Christmas Candles anyway.

Have you tried any of the Waitrose Christmas Candles?

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