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Three Blogs I Read Daily

Three Blogs I Read Daily

Up until about a year and a half ago I suffered from blogging ignorance. I had never read a beauty blog, or any blog, in my life. Maybe I was just unaware they could actually be good, but I can now say I am hooked, borderline obsessed. How the tables turn...but here are my three blogs I can't go a day without checking on. 

The Lovecats IncNot going to lie, the first thing that ever attracted me to Helen's blog was the name. From a future made cat lady there was no way I was not clicking on this blog, and of course it was so worth it. Helen's varied content makes her blog one I'll check daily. Even just to lust after her recipes I don't stand a chance in hell of ever managing. 

SailboatJenny's blog was one of the first blogs with lifestyle posts added in that I had a good read of. How Jenny writes her posts are just spot on, and whenever I see a new Sailboat post I just have to read it. How is one person just so good at life, and explaining it?

Cups and RosesIf there was ever a blog to make me want to better my own, it would be Diana's. Her posts are enough to dream over, but its the photography that has me clicking back daily. No words are needed here, just look....see what I mean? 

What blogs do you read daily?

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