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What its really like to model at London Fashion Week

Behind the scenes London Fashion Week 2015

Well that is that one done for another 6 months,  London Fashion Week is what I am talking about. No doubt the biggest fashion event in the country, and one event you can't seem to miss on any social media. But what is it actually like behind the scenes? Not just the normal intern/design stories you hear, I am talking about what its like to be on that catwalk. This is tongue in cheek by the way, well kinda.

Castings. And lots and lots of them. And yes you do need to go or you just don't get the work. It does get to the point where you have no idea where you are, who you're casting for and even who you are. Do they care you're going to miss your last train home? Nope, that is fashion darling...go to a nightclub or something (but don't get fat obvs).

Fittings. So you get the job (thank God) but you still need to make sure you fit the clothes. And don't just think you go back to the designers once before the show starts. Oh no, think 4-5 times when you're missing out on others jobs and not being paid for the pleasure to get prodded and poked with needles.

Early starts, or just not going to bed as it sometimes is known. When you need to be on set at 6am and you're first train into London doesn't leave till then; figure that one out.

Those poor people who have to dress us. As being models we can't do that. These people are unpaid and have the task of making sure we can take off our clothes quickly. But of course they slow you down, and no doubt get a eyeful of your bare chest at the same time. Just want they wanted after a 34 hour stint with no pay.

No food. Yes we may be models but we do get hungry and no to mention thirsty. But the thought for the designer of use dribbling out food & drink down our clothes is too much to bare. Hence just don't eat. Problem solved eh.

Pinterest/Instagram worthy 'street style' shots are only for the hardcore. No one (even us who get paid to pose) really wants after a long day at work to get stopped and photographed to see what we are wearing. Especially when its a two year old Primark jumper. I have never used the word 'vintage' as much.

Freebies? Lots of lovely clothes and shoes? Don't be silly. Whatever you hear about models walking away with gorgeous clothes and accessories, don't believe them. I have once been made to remove a pair of stockings. Yes as I am sure there is a que to wear my worn sweaty tights.

Don't get me wrong, no experience compares to being able to model at London Fashion Week, and it certainly adds to make a unique CV. But no doubt at the end, you'll still be broke, tired and have much less dignity left.

Have you ever been to London Fashion Week?

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