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My bloggers Secret Santa featuring Chanel and Maltesers!

Maltesers & Chanel Rouge Noir Nail Polish
Chanel Rouge Noir Nail Polish
Chanel Rouge Noir Nail Polish Swatch

 When I was asked to join in a Secret Santa, of course I jumped at the chance. One downside of my job means I have never taken part in a Secret Santa before. This secret santa was very kindly organised by Gemma and Laura - who have done a fantastic job, not sure I could organise such a big group of people with such ease. So thank you ladies.

One slight problem however, and something I need to learn. I am 23 years old, that means I have had 22 Christmases (if that is a word) so therefore quite a few presents in my time. So what did I do? I unwrapped my Secret Santa so quickly like a child that I forgot to take a photo...very sorry to the lovely person who sent me my gift, it was wrapped up beautifully in red paper, complete with a bow.

Well, must excitement was very much justified, as you can see my two lovely presents that I received was the one and only tube of Maltesers, which as you might of guessed from my blog name are my absolute favourites. And I have a habit of inhaling eating these way too quick so I am impressed I managed to get a photo of these.

My second gift could not of been anymore perfect for me, its only a Chanel nail polish. Not only that, in my complete favourite nail colour ever - a gorgeous deep red called Rouge Noir. Just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful this polish is....amazing. This colour does exactly what is says on the tin and delivers a gorgeous colour that just goes with any outfit. Plus being Chanel, the quality is fantastic and only needs two coats to look like they have been professionally done. One thing I love about Chanel polishes is their staying power - I have reached the end of the week with only one small chip. 

I literally can't express how much I adore my presents, they are just perfect and I wouldn't or couldn't pick anything better from myself. So THANK YOU. I just love them. Oh and if you were my secret santa - make yourself known! I want to thank you properly!

Did you do a Secret Santa? What did you receive, or give?

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