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5 Tips to Grow Back Over Plucked Brows

5 Tips to Grow Back Over Plucked Brows
Grown Back Eyebrows

Oh yes over plucked brows. We have all done it once in our lives, it normally happens in our teens when we first find out what tweezers do. Once your in the plucking trap it is very hard to get back out of. I have recently grown out mine as they were so over plucked, yet I couldn't bring myself to go through the pain of actually growing them, but I am so glad I did. People really underestimate the power of a eyebrow! I am by no means a eyebrow expert,  nor as I saying these tips will work 100%, but they are just simply a few tips that I did to help transform mine!

Exfoliate | A great way to encourage any hair growth is to exfoliate. Eyebrows are easy to exfoliate, just use a old soft toothbrush, and do make sure it is old - brows and toothpaste do not go well! Be gentle too, you want them to grow back, not rub them off.

Try a brow Razor | If you are having a hard time getting the tiny hairs to grow, try shaving the area (gradually) with a brow razor, there are plenty on Amazon/Ebay. This can stimulate growth and even make them grow in a little quicker, but do be careful - or you will end up with worse brows that before.

Grow them gradually | If you are having not problems with the hair coming back in, but rather letting go of your tweezers and letting them grow back in is hard for you, let them grow in rows. What I mean by this is, let them get a little fuller by letting a row grow in lower than you usually would but still tweezing below that row. When that row is nicely filled, let it go lower. This tip is more for if you have too thin eyebrows and aren’t sure where to start in reshaping them.

Brow and Lash Serums | If your eyebrows are being stubborn and won’t grow back in on their own, you can always try a serum to help them along the way. I haven't used serums I will add, but some makeup artists at work have highly recommended them... with Elizabeth Arden and Rapid Brow seeming to be the post popular.

Fill them | Okay, I know filling in your brows isn’t really going to help them to grow. But you might be surprised how much better your eyebrows look after you have take some time to fill them in. Seriously, go do it. Do it now.

Do you have any more tips to grow back over plucked brows?

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