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Abi Alton talking Floral Headbands and Red Lips

Abi Alton Christmas Light Press Pass

Abi Alton performing

Todays post is something a bit different, but oh wow is it exciting. I got asked if I wanted to attend the Royal Tunbridge Wells Christmas switch on and meet singer/songwriter Abi Alton who made her exit from the X Factor last week. It took me all of 1 second of reply of course I would love to. So off I went last night, braved the crowds of teenage screaming girls who were there to see Abi, plus the other special guests Jordon O'Keefe from Britain's Got Talent and Micky Parsons (District 3) from The X Factor last year. I was lucky enough to get to interview Abi were we discussed all things X Factor from her exit right up to her favourite high street store to wear on stage. You can have a read of this below.

Abi Alton

Hi Abi! First of congratulations on all your X Factor success, how does it feel to of left the show?

Hi. Well of I course I am totally gutted to of left the show but I never thought I would make it that far so I am grateful to make it to week 5. Week 6 was my target so reaching that would of been lovely but I had to leave at some point!

True, unfortunately the show does come to an end. On Saturday night was defiantly your strongest performance, your confidence shone through, what tips do you have for on stage confidence?

Well I know I should practice what I preach but just having confidence in yourself and your talents. Oh, and rehearse!   

That might help! So what are your favourite brands? Any in particular you like to wear on stage?

Topshop! Everyone loves a bit of Topshop. And of course my floral headbands by Abigails Tea Party and Rock 'n' Rose are my on stage staples! I also love vintage jewellery and wear a lot of Eccentric Electricity.

Fabulous! Your hairbands are always stunning. Now I have to ask, red lips seem to be your staple look too. What lipstick do you wear?

*Quick rummage in the bag* Its No7 Red Devil! Although it may be best to ask Julia Carta (Chief Makeup artist on the X Factor) as she knows all the lipsticks I wore!

Well I must say Abi was a complete darling and such a pleasure to chat too. Plus when she performed everyone just stopped talking and was just in awe of her performance! Damn, I really want her to win now, please Gary, let her back in the show? *sad face*

You can see Abi on Twitter and keep updated with her happenings.

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