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Headkandy/Dirty Looks Hair Extensions Review

Headkandy/Dirty Looks Hair Extensions paparazzi highlights box
Headkandy/Dirty Looks Hair Extensions paparazzi highlights packet
Headkandy/Dirty Looks Hair Extensions paparazzi highlights ClipsHeadkandy/Dirty Looks Hair Extensions paparazzi highlights hair

I've been wearing extensions since I was 16, and I was blessed with thick hair but after getting ill in my final year of school my hair just fell out and has never made a appearance back. And I've tried so many types and different hair extensions so I feel I can offer a pretty decent review. Clip in are by far my favourite purely as I can take them out for work and pop them back in whenever suits (all the time). After much research last year I purchased a set of Headkandy extensions and I fell in love. So a few weeks ago when I went a lot blonder new extensions where needed, back to Headkandy I went.

Headkandy/Dirty Looks Hair Extensions Review Hair
Dirty Looks Hair Extensions are Grade - A, Remy Human Hair. Meaning they are pretty much the best on the market, you only have to look at other companies whilst buying to see they don't offer this quality. 

I brought the 20-22inch in Paparazzi Highlights after a quick colour match by the Headkandy/Dirty Looks team. They are more at 20 inches, but at 180grams this was more than enough. In the set you'll get 10 pieces each with numbers so when you read the styling guide, you know which piece of hair goes where in your head. Obviously you don't have to stick to it, but you do get a much better result. One piece, number 3, is so thick and seems to have several rows in one section. They are quick to apply to (5-10 mins), much quicker than you would expect and once you're more experienced you will have them in no time.

Once they're in they don't feel heavy or irritable, and they clip in well with no slipping later on in the day. The only time I've had trouble with them staying put is on a night out, but maybe the several (large) glasses of wine and interesting dance moves are too blame. But generally they stay put perfectly. Headkandy have really done well here as they are the softest extensions I've ever felt and they just feel so thick. As they are thick right to the ends you don't get that straggly look plus they are really easy to style and blend.

As you can tell, I honestly can't rave about these extensions enough, and think my repurchase shows that! If you're looking for some clip in extensions that you've found your ones! 20-22 inches cost £98.00 so not cheap, but cheaper than 'proper' ones, but if your into your hair and extensions then they are totally worth it. But now of course since the re-brand they are coming up a £1 more expensive...hmmm annoying.

HK Full Head Hair Extensions - £69.99


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