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Bourjois Liner Stylo Eye Liner in Brun

FOTD: Bourjois Liner Stylo Eye Liner in Brun Review
When I was around 13 I was so addicted to eyeliner I would often look like I'd either been in a serious fight or spent the entire day crying. But at the time I liked to believe it was my 'emo' phase...hmm. Since I grew out of that, I literally hadn't touched any kohl eyeliners, a brief dabble with Benefits Bad Girl Eyeliner, but I just hated the smudged messy look I always ended up with.

So you may be think how on earth, and maybe why, I am doing a kohl review? Well I won't lie, I basically saw a very pretty girl randomly on the escalator with brown eyeliner and she looked so stunning that I wanted to look like that. Yep not at all realistic and very immature but hey ho.  I picked up Bourjois Liner Stylo Eye Liner after I was amazed at how soft this felt when I draw a quickline on my hands in Boots, due to it apparently containing carnauba (?!) and beeswax. A rich chocolate brown but with a gold shimmer in, but this is very subtle and not noticeable when applied really. 

Bourjois Liner Stylo Eye Liner in Brun

The Bourjois Liner Stylo Eye Liner in Brun on
This really works well to create a smudgy/smokey look, same with a more precise line. Handily it comes with a tiny built in sharpener (it's in the little grey part in the top photo) so when it does go blunt it's easy to sharpen! This stays put all day too, and not once have I had any trouble with it running or leaking, even in England's heat wave.

Once you have applied its staying there. Yet easily removable too so a all round winner really. This has very much relighted my love for kohl eyeliner, and whilst, I hope, I don't go for the same look I did in my early teens, I absolutely love this. I did try a fair few different brands on my hand before purchasing and while its one of the more expensive drugstore brand it's worth it and this was by far the softest and the last line standing on my hand.

Bourjois Liner Stylo Eye Liner £5.49 from Boots

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