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Garnier Moisture Match Goodbye Dry Cream

Garnier Moisture Match Goodbye Dry

Garnier Moisture Match Goodbye Dry

I have realised along with my mascara addiction, I have a face moisturiser one too. Well, you can never have enough moisturiser can you? Its a skincare necessity really. Garnier have not long realised 5 new day creams, each suited for the different skin needs with different levels of moisture, welcome Garnier Moisture Match Goodbye Dry Cream. Honestly why has no one thought of this before? 

Being on offer at £3.99, there was no way I wasn't buying it and picked up the dry skin offering. Plus I was happy that my skin type was in a pink bottle, thanks Garnier you matched my dressing table nicely! The (pink looking) cream formula is only lightly scented by the ingredients that include Camellia Oil, Shea Butter and Omega 3 and 6 so the smell is pretty divine. The texture is very thick, totally unexpected but firm so you only need to use a small amount which I guess is a bonus as I won't need to repurchase so soon.

This sinks in very quickly and I wasn't left with any residue or a greasy face and this has a very cucumbery smell, quite rare for a moisturising product. I normally associate cucumber with cleansing products, but it works so who I am to complain. At first, I wasn't overwhelmed by this, and practically forgot I owned it. However, I couldn't be more glad I purchased this now. It is so underrated, and even on my very dry eczema skin this little pink tube is a saviour, and has banished my dry patches, and keep them at bay. For the price I can not rave about this enough, let alone even believe a high street face works so well. Just need to purchase the rest of the range now...

Garnier Moisture Match Goodbye Dry normally £5.99, but £3.99 in Boots currently.

Have you tried Garnier Moisture Match Goodbye Dry or the others?

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