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Sleep in Rollers Emergency Curly Blow Kit

Sleep in Rollers Emergency Curly Blow Kit
Sleep in Rollers Emergency Curly Blow Kit

Sleep in Rollers Emergency Curly Blow Kit

I decided to add to my hair extension collection with the sleep in rollers emergency curly blow kit. I do love the Sleep in Rollers and I've used them for years since a girl I worked with started selling them. This emergency curly blow kit is designed, yes you guessed it, to give the curly blow dry look. Not sure why though they have missed 'dry' out the product title?

When my extensions did arrive I was shocked with their weight and even more surprised that it was a single weft on four clips; I worried that they wouldn't be sturdy enough for the weight of the extensions but I was wrong. The clips are very sturdy, far more so that traditional clip-ins and the thick band doesn't show. It didn't slip around either, even when I got it caught in my handbag - don't laugh. I do have ridiculously thin hair though, and you can't see it at all, well I am trusting my mothers words here.

The weft of hair is pre-curled and thick and approximately 16 inches long (based on my measurements) depending on how tight/loose you keep the curls. I've found the hair blends in well with my own which is at least 4 inches shorter and doesn't make my many layers obvious. You also get some of the famous 'Sleep in Rollers' which hence the name, you pop in before bed, sleep, and wake up with some big hair. These I can not recommend enough, I was very unsure of the rollers but honestly they are great and go well with the hair. 

It really couldn't be easier to use. The fact it's one weft rather than several means you don't have to section and re-section your hair and clip layer upon layer in. A few application tips:

♥ Prepare your hair by adding a few curls or waves just for some texture.
♥ Create a parting in your hair from the top of your ear lobes. Use a hair clip to clip up the top half of your hair.
♥ Back comb your hair at the roots slightly or spray a bit of hair spray to give extra hold to the clips of the hair extension.
♥ Clip in the hair, and let the top half of your hair down.
♥ Run your fingers through your hair to loosen and make it look natural, and voila big hair.

My only gripe with these is the lack of colour choice, mine is quite light compared to my hair, yet the darker shade would be just too dark. I was left with it quite hard to blend in and match up perfectly. I didn't photograph the top of my head as my roots are in major need of some lightening/covering so it doesn't show off the hair in the best light. But overall, this is such a good value for money and it is very much recommended. £24.95 from Sleep in Rollers.

Have you tried the Sleep in Rollers Emergency Curly Blow Kit?

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