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MAC Satin Finish Lipstick in Myth

MAC Satin Finish Lipstick in Myth Review & Swatches

MAC Satin Finish Lipstick in Myth Swatch

MAC Satin Finish Lipstick in Myth

Oh boy does this lipstick take me back. I first brought this as my first ever lipstick. Back in the day were my bright colour fear extended to all colour, and I pretty much just wanted nothing on my lips, but of course I still wanted to wear lipstick. 

Still to this day I do adore nude lips, but I think we all know how hard it to get quite right, and not the dreaded 'foundation lips', which we have all done. Don't lie. Myth is a light neutral nude shade with a satin finish, the same as my beloved Snob Lipstick, and it is very pigmented. It does look darker swatched than it does on, but that is obviously why I purchased it in my quest for no lipstick lipstick. 

Being a satin finish, it is in-between matte and gloss, but technically neither. If you have ever tried one of MAC's Satin Finishes  you'll understand. If not, sorry you'll have to stick with my in-betweeny  (bad) description. Also I do find just tapping this lipstick on rather than smearing it looks much better, less harsh and less likely to end up looking like you've bitten a foundation sponge. 

MAC Satin Finish Lipstick Myth £15

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