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Weekly Wax: Our Own Candle Company Banana Nut Bread

Our Own Candle Company Banana Nut Bread Review
Our Own Candle Company Banana Nut Bread

Before I start this post, just stop and look at the scent I picked up for this weeks Weekly Wax post, Banana Nut Bread. Cake. I have a cake candle. I don't think life can get much better right now.

Not once in my Weekly Wax series have I found a candle that even comes close to Yankee Candles. But oh my, I have now. I picked this Our Own Candle Company up when passing Chickidee, I was meant to be paying the car park but brought a candle instead. Yep, I have my priories sorted. But when you see the scents that they do you'll understand why I just could not resist. Our Own Candle Company is a US company and focus on the mantra of 'no wasted wax, a great scent, clean burning, and lasts a for a long time.' Like Yankee Candles, they from the US, so bravo Americains for  apparently making the best candles, and these ones are also slightly cheaper, and with other scents such as Caramel Pecan and Snickerdoodle? I.am.sold.

I picked up the Mini Mason Jar, which is cute enough in itself, and I was blown away by the smell. It sounds stupid, but it doesn't smell like banana, which would be gross anyway. More of a sugar sweet smell with a hint of hazelnut, just like you have set foot in a bakery - not Greggs. The whole range of the Our Own Candle Company seems to be based on US desserts, and I literally can not express my love for this range without coming across as a total candle pyscho.

The one tiny downside to this is the strange plastic thing inside the jar. I am guessing it is to hold the wick, but do you think I should remove this? I thought plastic and fire is a big no no? Someone please help me on that before I burn down my bedroom. Well, the scent is so good I'll run the risk...

Our Own Candle Company Banana Nut Bread £3.99

Have you tried the Our Own Candle Company candles before?

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