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Reverse Hair Washing?

Reverse Hair Washing

Firstly I never seem to jump on any hype going around the beauty world, and secondly, this seems to of started from a article on the Daily Mail website, somewhere I don't really want to credit. Its okay though, I'll swallow my pride as it seems we have been washing our hair all wrong and the secret to glossy thick hair is out with Reverse Hair Washing.

Conditioning your hair BEFORE you shampoo seems like a perfectly acceptable thing to do if you’re, still drunk or/and still half asleep, but in recent weeks it has become the latest haircare trend. The main reason I actually tried this is because it is meant to be great for thin and fine hair, like mine. Reverse washing is exactly as it sounds, first apply conditioner just like you normally would, rinse, and then shampoo as normal. 

And the science the behind this? Your hair still gets conditioned, but the shampoo leaves your hair extra clean and removes the residue left behind by the conditioner, making it lighter, easier to manage and gives you more volume. I was dubious this odd method of hair washing would make my hair more greasy but I went ahead, regardless about how unnatural it felt doing it.

But a weird thing happened, several people have commented on my hair saying it looked both great AND shiny. As a dyed blonde, I haven’t been told I have shiny hair for about 5 years. And what was even stranger was my hair felt lighter on my head, I caught myself flicking my hair like I was starring in my own hair commercial on more than one occasion. Even better, I have found myself less reliant on dry shampoo as my hair has become less greasy, so it is safe to say I am very much sticking to my backwards hair washing. 

Have you tried Reverse Hair Washing? 

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