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What I've Been Loving This Week

What I've Been Loving This Week
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Let me just say this, we are in MAY. Wasn't is only February last week? Yes, I know its such a cliche thing to say but doesn't time just go rather quick? I have established that I can't seem to keep my 'What I've Been Loving This Week' posts weekly like the name suggests, so the little section of picks below aren't quite just this week...but who is counting....

Kitty Hearts Makeup Encounters | Kitty is actually my long lost twin as we both have the 'Miss Brighton' title to our names, so its no surprise I love every one of her posts. Here two of my favourite brands were put head to head in Kitty's post on her counter experiences...and I won't ruin it (as I'm nice like that) but one of my favourite brands really let me down.

Max Factor Creme Puff Blush in Nude Mauve | Who wouldn't want a blend of pale baby pink with a darker, dusky rose colour that has that mauve undertone as the name suggests kind of blush? Well up to about a month I would of said no thanks, but somehow I have been converted to the blush side of life, and there is no going back. 

Jordan Bunker's guide to his Instagram photos & how he edits them  | Because, 1. I love Instagram 2. I love VSCO Cam (which is the app he uses so sorry I ruined that) 3. I hate the in app editing in Instagram and 4. I just like being nosey to how people edit photos.

Blogrolls | This is almost a reminder to actually do my own blogroll, but how addictive are they? I won't name every single blog I've come across in the past week that offers them, but its safe to say, if you have a blog roll I will comment on every single one listed...yes I am sad like that. But please do leave your blog link below if you have a blogroll pretty please...

What have you been loving this week?

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