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The Crownbrush Haul

The Crownbrush Haul

The Crownbrush Haul and review

You know there is that medical condition when people are in love with objects? Well I have that, four times over. As you might of seen on my Twitter and Instagram last week I received some of my first brushes from Crownbrush. Yes I did think they were something to do with the paint company, so luckily Google corrected me before I wrote this post. But Crownbrush have caused me to fall head over heels for some makeup brushes, there is no point in being cool about this.

I’ve heard about Crownbrush mainly through the IMATS talk, and they were the first brush company I heard about (probably as I thought they were paint brushes) but for some reason, I had it in my head that they were very expensive. Not sure where I got that from as they are anything but. The four I now have are; 

Syntho Deluxe Powder Dome (SS019) Crownbrush

Syntho Deluxe Powder Dome (SS019) £15.99

From their 'Syntho range' which are 100% vegan and of course synthetic brushes. Yet this powder brush doesn't feel stereotypically synthetic and is just the fluffiest thing I've ever used to apply my bronzer. As for the vegan part, and I no idea what a non vegan brush would feel like, but I'll stick to this gem. 

Pro Chisel Blush (C472) Crownbrush

Move over my Real Technique brushes, I have a new love to apply my foundation. The natural bristles on this again have made it so soft it feels like its been washed in hair conditioner, yet are dense enough to actually apply my foundation. I have never used a brush in my life that applies foundation so effortlessly, and even manages to make my Estee Lauder Double Wear undetectable. For the days when I brave the cream contour, this has also come rather handy. 

Tapered Duo Fibre Blush brush (C427) Crownbrush

For those days when I feel like cheating on the Pro Chisel Blush, I have this Tapered Duo Fibre Blush brush.  Made of both natural and synthetic fibres, this is my second choice for foundation. It is also known for being a pretty good for a cream brush, but with my cream blush phobia I haven't been able to try that. I do like having the option in foundations, and both being so good I really can't pick my favourite.  

Pro Blending Fluff (C433) Crownbrush

Pro Blending Fluff (C433) £6.09

Well this had me sold on the name, 'fluff'? Always. This one does speak for itself and is a blending brush, and is just ideal for applying, contouring or highlighting with those powder-based products. And wait for this...this is in fact made of 'soft goat hair'. Nice to see they left the hard strands out, but this beauty is always Crownbrush's MAC 217 dupe, for a much nicer price. But then again, that wouldn't be hard. 

So I can safely say those four words, I am in love, and never has makeup caused such a medical condition, nor have I fallen for anything including goats. But oh Crownbrush, you have done it. 

Have you tried Crownbrush before?

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