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The Clinique High Impact Mascara

Clinique High Impact Mascara Review
Clinique High Impact Mascara The review
I'm not sure I want to write this post...why do I want to give away all my secrets? Especially when it comes to mascara....but I am nice like that.  Clinique are defiantly more know for their skincare, yet their mascaras are their biggest secret. And my favourite unsung hero of their? The Clinique High Impact Mascara (£17.50).

Even though like the name suggest the claim is over 'high impact' I didn't actually expect that from a natural and understated brand like Clinique. The wand is a standard bristly mascara job, quite long and wide and well, just a non gimmicky wand. This is also a 100% Allergy Tested, Fragrance Free and Dermatologist Developed - Ophthalmologist (if thats a word) tested mascara (you can breathe now).  

Clinique High Impact Mascara

This might actually win the award for the most buildable mascara I’ve ever used. So on those rare days when I want a barely there look, or the more likely option of a full on OTT look, this mascara takes me there. Two or three coats deliver without any clumps or crispiness, again, I’d be hesitant to call the look, 'extreme' like YSL Shocking (yes I mentioned that mascara again) but this is very worth the price tag. While it can be challenging to get right in to the inner and outer corners, I still adore this Clinique mascara and can't believe this has been hidden so long in there stands without the credit. 

So it just proves that sometimes not being overly innovative with flashy packaging can work out well, and High Impact does just was it says on the tin...but of course a bit of YSL gold wouldn't of gone a miss...

Have you tried the Clinique High Impact Mascara

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