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The High End Beauty Wishlist

The High End Beauty Wishlist

Why do I never want cheap makeup? I have serious issues with this, it seems the higher the price the more I need it. I never seem to pine over Rimmel the way I do over Nars or Tom Ford, although I think my bank account wishes I would. So instead of making purchases in three digits this weekend I thought I would just write it down....

1. The Nars Christopher Kane Collection | A Selfridges exclusive so naturally I want it more. I'd happily give the blusher from the collection in Silent Nude a home. The bronze-y nude is just too nice to be sitting in the makeup stands.

2. Chantecaille The Glacier Eye Shade Trio | Visting the Nordic has been on my travel wish list for years, so its no surprise I want a eyeshadow palette inspired from that part of the world, plus just look at the (global warming inspired unfortunately) embossed glacier on each. Have you ever seen a palette with that?

3. Crème de la Mer Moisturising Cream | Because I want a £105 jar of face cream, as I am convinced it will be like magic in a tub and I'll wake up looking like a blonde Kardashian sister.

4. Tom Ford Bronzing Powder | Does a gold Tom Ford bronzer really need a explanation? Yeah exactly.

5. Tom Ford Matte Lipstick | Oh why does Tom Ford have such a hold on me? Their lipsticks (and blushers apparently) are my downfall. And, if I am being fussy I'd take 'First Time' into my collection.

What beauty items are you lusting over at the moment?

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