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The Crownbrush Makeup Haul

The Crownbrush Makeup Haul

The Crownbrush Makeup Haul review 
The Crownbrush Makeup milk chocolate liner

Crownbrush Ultra Skinny Eye Marker

You might of seen my Crownbrush Haul last week, where I might of mentioned I was in love with the brand. No shame. But I have been spoilt, as along with my brushes came their makeup, which shamefully I had no idea they did. To be fair, I only just got over the fact they weren't paint brushes so its allowed. And those lovely people in Crownbrush HQ must be psychic as not only did they replenish my liquid eye pen stock, they provided me with two of my current obsessions, lip liners.

The liner, the Ultra Skinny Eye Marker to be exact for a stupidly cheap price of £7.99. Must be one of the cheapest out there? With liners I need ease, I need to create a neat thinnish pigmented line along my lashes, with minimal effort. I don't ask for much really, and this Crownbrush offering delivers every time. Pigmented, neat, and easy to use all compliment the fact that is so long lasting and has out lived any other felt tip liners in my collection.

The Crownbrush Makeup lip liner
The Crownbrush Makeup pink and brown lip liner review
Mojave Rock on top, and Milk Chocolate on the bottom

The Crownbrush lip liner in Milk Chocolate

Who doesn't like a makeup item with a food name? Especially when that food item is chocolate? The only thing Crownbrush could do to improve their Lip Liners name is call it Malteser, but they went for the next best with Milk Chocolate. And wait for it, all six of the range are £2.99. So you're practically stealing them.

Admittedly my lip liner standards a rather high, Chanel no less, so I was dubious to try the light brown called Milk Chocolate and the dusky pink Mojave Rock that arrived. And guess what happened next at my dressing table? I was blown away by the quality of both of these. Neither colours are too harsh, and are wearable with the majority of my lipstick collection, and the soft texture that glides on my lip just perfectly has made these two hard to pick between. I cant lie and say these are better than Chanel, but Crownbrush have delivered the next best I've tried. Naturally Cappuccino is next on my list, as coffee is just a must with Milk Chocolate right?

Have you tried any Crownbrush Makeup before?

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