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Three Blogs I Read Daily: Part Three

Three Blogs I Read Daily: Part Three with Elle UK Magazine

Blog post research, thats what it is. Not procrastination, nope. Daily I find myself reading different posts and blogs, but like always there are three at the moment I find that I click on daily, even if they haven't published a new posts. So instead of just seeming like a stalker (especially after my Three Blogs I Read Daily: Part Two), I decided to share just why I cant keep off.

Annie Writes Beauty | Not only do I stalk Alice's Instagram (just look at any of her selfie comments, I'm there...) I can always guarantee she will have a interest post for me to read. Being totally honest is one reason I am addicted, not many people would be that honest about a Stella McCartney.

Cocochic by Stephanie | Erm, so does Cocochic need a expiation? I fell in love the minute I click on, every post has me hooked; beauty, fashion or 150 to be happy. I am hook, line and sinker for Stephanie, and while I'm there, can we take a minute to look at her face?

Sophie etc | I just want Sophies wardrobe, and life, and of course like this post title suggests, I will go on her blog every day just to have a bit of fashion envy. She wears all the things I wish I could pull off. Printed trousers that don't look like I have forgot to get dressed? Nope I cant, but Sophie defiantly can.

What blogs do you read daily?

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