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Pantene Foam Volume & Body Conditioner

Pantene Foam Conditioner Volume & Body

Conditioner and fine hair do not like each, well at least mine don't. No matter which one I try I can only apply conditioner to the very very ends of my limp hair, and even then its a gamble to see if my hair is going to be lank until I wash it again. Incredibly frustrating and before I knew better it lead to skipping conditioner. One tip - don't.

Nowadays I just try and muddle my way through the greasy lankness that is my hair, so when I saw that Pantene could possibly offer a solution to my issue I decided I would risk the £1.99. I don't do faff when it comes to my hair, I need simple quick and preferable something I can do within my very basic hair care routine for it to stay around. Luckily this Pantene Foam Conditioner Volume & Body ( currently £1.99)does just that; just apply like normal conditioner. I can handle that. 

Pantene Foam Conditioner Volume & Body

The mousse comes about the that traditional Pantene scent and instantly disappears when I apply it to my hair. I followed instructions and waited till it was all gone (practically 30 seconds) then rinsed off like normal. As if it would be that easy, and I did doubt that I had even conditioned my hair, and this was one of the only occasions I didn't mind being proved wrong. Once I got over the chore that is hair drying, my hair actually was lifting from my head and was soft at the ends, almost like I swapped hair in the shower with someone...

I highly doubt this would be conditioning enough for anyone with thick hair (aka the model in the TV advert), but it did work for me and my shoulder length hair which is about a inch wide in a ponytail to give a rough estimate. My risky gamble of £1.99 has truly paid off, and a true sign that I love this (and any) product? I will buy it full price - *inset sassy hand Emoji girl*.

Have you tried the Pantene Foam Conditioner Volume & Body?

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