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Products I can’t leave

It doesn't how adventurous I'm feeling, or how many offers are on, there are some products I can't leave alone and I will always fall back to, quite often in a time of utter makeup need. I am guessing this is more to do with myself and being stuck in my ways rather than the items themselves as I have tried plenty of alternatives, but I just continue to go back to what I know.

Firstly is Estee Lauder for their Double Wear foundation. Why why why do no foundations cover like Double Wear? I know this is finish too heavy for some, but for my not so natural and bad skin days I fall back onto Double Wear. For me this is like my second skin in a bottle and I can trust it 99% of the time to help me out in a time of skin rescuing needs.

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. I know this one in my photo isn't their 'classic', but this bottle is just prettier for photos (shallow I know I know), but again a bit like Estee Lauder I am more a one product fan for this brand rather than their entire range. No hot cloth cleaner beats Liz Earle for me. Balance Me almost almost beat Cleanse and Polish for its creaminess, but it failed on its lack to make my skin feel like I've had a mini facial. I don't ask for much from a bottle do I?

YSL Shocking Mascara, YSL, Liz Earle Sweet Orange and Mint Hot Cloth Cleanse & Polish, Liz Earle, John Frieda Luxurious Volume, Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation,

YSL Shocking Mascara. YSL is pure luxury and I am shallow enough to only want YSL on my dressing table and its so pretty (and matches my bedroom). YSL does not fail to pick me up in the same way Jo Malone does for scents. Charlotte Tilbury has been a strong contender these days, but its the classic element and years of standing that make YSL my number one. Their Shocking mascara hasn't even come close to being beaten in all my mascara years. Lancome Hynose has given it a run for its money, but ultimately, is it gold? No.

John Freida Hair Care. My hair resists most hair products. Purple shampoo? Nope, hair stays the same yellow blonde. Volumising mouse? No, pancake hair is still here. Hair spray? Unless you're Elnette my hair doesn't listen. So to find a brand that my hair choses to work with the majority of the time is quite a achievement. Notable mentions are the Go Blonder and Volume ranges. But one standout product for me and one I can trust to give me volume is the Full to Fine Blow Out Spray. All I have to do it spray it on damp hair before I blow dry, and ta-da - I feel like Beyonce (ever so optimistic).

What are your items you always fall back on?

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