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The best £1 I have ever spent

Coming from someone who is a Poundland fan (yes I know), this blog title is a huge statement for me to make. Anyone who is a Poundland fan knows how much fun it can be, and I have spent many a good (and not so good) £1 in there. However, I did not think I would ever be making such a statement about a makeup item.

Not that I got this from Poundland, nor did I only aim to spend £1 on something that is a total face saviour but hey, it happened. Even though my skin isn't half as spotty as it used to be, concealer is still something I can not leave the house without. More so due to spot scars rather than the spots themselves, but I do still need a concealer that is thick, non crusty and non obvious - not asking for much really. But what ticked all these boxes? Makeup Revolution Matte Effect concealer did, and left me without a crying purse. I will stop going on about the price now...

Matte and creamy are not two words that often go together, let alone work together, yet this concealer is both and applies to my skin effortlessly. Trying not to be being gross, this even went over a crusty spot without causing extra crustiness (I did warn you) and making it more obvious. This concealer also worked on those annoying red spot scars to cover up what my foundation couldn't. As you can imagine this is a bit too heavy for my liking for under my eyes as I prefer a lighter finish there, but for everything else on my face this tube is faultless. Talking of the tube, this has earned extra points for being able to fit into my many different sized handbags to help me out when I am on the move.

I am not going to go as far and say this is the best concealer, it isn't, but this certainly is the best budget one I've tried and as I may of mentioned already in the is the best £1 I have ever spent.

Have you tried the Makeup Revolution Matte Effect concealer?

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