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Blog posts I have been reading

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Before I took my slightly longer than planned absence from blogging, I used to love doing these posts. In fact, it was a challenge for me not to make every single blog post a 'look what I have been using as procrastinating reading' type of post. During my break I still read blogs but I just didn't have anywhere really to tell anyone, except my mum often got a 'ooh look at this' when she was trying to do housework, but now I am back much to my mums relief, and so are these posts.

Firstly is Amyleigh at Northen Blood with her Real Talk: Let's Stop Body Shaming post. To be honest, I am not going to even comment on this as Amyleigh has covered this topic spot on and anything I will add will more than likely ruin her efforts - just go and read.

Next is Lily and her majorly atheistically pleasing blog Pint Sized Beauty. In particular Makeup For Dehydrated Skin post. To be honest, Lily could get away with not writing a single word and just having a picture blog and I would still be her number one fan. But to go alongside her top photography efforts she knows what she is taking about to...proved in this post.

Still ever unfashionable as ever, meaning myself, so fashion blog posts are something I will forever be in awe of. Just how do you put everything together? Just how? Well put together outfits aside, even one statement piece is often too much for me, and seeing Ellie at El Willmer pull off stunning red/ orange boots in her The Boots to Kick Start Your Spring Wardrobe has made me even more jealous yet strangely encouraging of her style. Sideline cheerleader right here for all on trend fashion.

Is there any blog posts you have been loving recently?

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