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The Spring Makeup Cliches

Although technically we are not quite in Spring, March for me is spring. Come 28th February (or 29th every now and then), I get into full on Spring mode, and with that is my makeup follows. Gone are dark warm tones, and I pull out all the stops to make sure I am a walking Springtime cliche.

Firstly with the L'Oreal Rose Nude Eyeshadow palette. A mixture of rose shades (who would of guessed) is the ideal choice for me to replace the darker more brown and nudes shades that help me and my eyes throughout the winter.

Next, my Rose Gold Eye Lash Curlers. And I am aware these are not makeup, nor Spring related, but what is more of a cliche than Rose Gold? Actually...wear is my marble?

Back to makeup with my L'Oreal Paris Nude Magique Cushion Foundation. Purple, shiny and round, I was very much a foundation magpie with this. Gone is my Estee Lauder Double Wear for the winter, well part from a few more spot covering sessions, and in is this lightweight dewy foundation. This provides more coverage than your typical lightweight foundation, and I can build this depending on how much my face needs a cover up. This is the ideal winter to spring transition foundation as I still get my coverage, just in more a of velvety finish. Plus it is so pretty to look at.

Sticking with my face and the Makeup Revolution 'The One' Blush Sticks. Hello the Nars iconic 'The Multiple' stick in a cheaper version. Foolproof to apply (if I can apply this blush then anyone can), and with a coral pink matte finish this is ideal for me in the spring as it make me look more alive than the winter has left me feeling, but isn't as heavy as a bronzer would look. And not to mention fake, no one in the UK can manage a natural glow over the winter period. In fact, if you have please tell me your secret.

Lastly finishing up with my lips and the NYX Lip Lingerie Gloss in Satin Ribbon. No, I don't know why this is called 'lingerie' either, but does it matter when a colour is this pretty? Again like my eyeshadow choice for the winter, this nudey pink shade is a step away from heavy winter lipsticks and onto a gloss which for some reason just feels more spring like that a matte finish. I just have seem to forgotten we are not quite out of winter and those winter winds does make my hair stick to my lips...roll on proper springtime.

Do you stick to Spring Makeup Cliches?

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